Check out London’s Most Terrifying Attractions

People who are planning a trip to the city of London will naturally want to check out some of the city’s most terrifying attractions. This ancient city was once roamed by Jack the Ripper and a large number of other macabre characters. London is steeped in spooky history. Here are some of the scary attractions that visitors are sure to love:

The Sherlock Holmes Experience

Pasaje Del TerrorVisitors can visit the house of the famous fictional detective to discover more about how he would have lived. One of the things that makes this attraction spooky is the fact that many of the seemingly lifeless models are triggered by motion sensors and spring to life when you least expect it.

The London Dungeon

This scary attraction is located in the vaults of London’s County Hall. This was the very place where many of the most notorious figures from London’s past were imprisoned and many people believe that the London Dungeon is haunted. Visitors are offered the chance to enjoy a close encounter with characters such as Guy Fawkes and Sweeney Todd and the sights, sounds and even smells of this top attraction are extremely realistic. There is always something new to see and do at the London Dungeon and the attraction also features several real life actors who add an extra touch of terror to the mix.

Pasaje Del Terror

People who truly want to be terrified during their trip to London will make sure that pay a visit to Pasaje Del Terror. As soon as visitors set foot inside, they will discover that there are plenty of dark pleasures waiting for them. Pasaje Del Terror is situated at the Trocadero Centre, in the Piccadilly district, and one of the things that makes it so nerve wrecking is the spine tingling special effects, combined with startling noises, bloodcurdling zombies, deranged clowns and other creepy characters.

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