Discover Bangkok’s Ghost Skyscraper

The city of Bangkok features a weird and often rather spooky collection of architecture that ranges from top end hotels and apartments that have been created in various different Western styles to remarkable Thai temples complete with glittering golden roofs and even Chinese-style mansions.

Bangkok Ghost SkyscrapePeople who take the time to explore the Sathorn district of Bangkok will come across the gigantic structure of Sathorn Unique. This gigantic 50 storey skyscraper was originally built to serve as a luxurious city residence. However, the Sathorn Unique was never completed and is now known by local people and expats as the ghost tower.

The entrance to the Sathorn Unique building is overgrown by a wild tangle of trees and bushes, which inquisitive visitors can effortlessly push their way through to enter. The construction of this massive tower is imposing and features gently crumbling Romanesque columns, as well as four storey arches.

One of the most arresting things about the Sathorn Unique is that, though nearly two decades have passed since construction stopped, things have been left as they were on the day that the builders left. The roomy ground floor of the building features two escalators, which climb to floors that will never be occupied. Fragments of plastic wrapping still stick to the stainless steel sides of these escalators, while many of the apartment rooms on the upper floors feature elegant bathrooms, large wardrobes and polished wooden floors.

The Thai people have a strong belief in ghosts and, like most abandoned buildings in Thailand, Sathorn Unique is widely believed to be haunted. A large number of legends and tall tales have sprung up about ghost haunting and sightings in the building and most Thai people would never dream of stepping inside. Whether or not the rumors are true is uncertain, although, over the years, a large number of dead bodies have been discovered there.

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